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Anonymous: bye :( who you were checking for the last time on tumblr? 

My tumblr sister, Lettie. Still waiting for a response.

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Anonymous: Will you be releasing your saved urls? Or completely deleting this blog? 

I’m back just to check on someone, but… claraismynose, claraismyrose, capaldisrome, gallifreyanteacup, theringsofgallifrey, memoirsofgallifrey, capaldiwolf, donnatitanic, gallifreysark, oncomingstarwhale, dalekscreams, kingdomofgallfrey, markofgallifrey, elevenslastwinter and gallifreyanrequiem are now open. Bye again, everyone.

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That’s it. Bye! (possibly forever…)

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castlecasketteer: even though I never officially talked to you it'll be sad to see you gone. For those who still want to remain in contact is there a way for them to still talk to you? 

I’m glad I’ll be missed. :)

I guess that’d depend on the person, and they would need to message me personally. I can’t say for sure how to contact me, but I’m not gonna ignore anyone!

posted 1 month ago | 10 #the hedgehog talks

Leaving Tumblr!

It’s been a long time since I’ve joined Tumblr, and I really just want to say it’s been great, but Tumblr has lost it’s place in my life and I am getting much too busy. It’s unfortunate, but it is what it is. I’ll be gone by 10 pm PST (two hours or so). Feel free to message me until then! Bye guys!

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I’m legally able to consume and purchase alcohol now, hehe. You might get more drunk Steve now… :P

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So how do you catch a fish that isn’t hungry?

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Something wrong with your leg boy? Can you walk? I got to carry you? Fine little blade. Maybe I’ll pick my teeth with it.

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j u s t i c e . that’s what  k i n g s  are for .